Solid as a Rock Panel

Stax Stone specializes in light-weight, resilient and easy-to-install stone veneer panels tailored to the needs of your space.

By using natural stone and minerals tempered by thousands of years of sedimentation, you can rest assured that your stone veneer siding will not only be strong and durable, but exclusive to you no two stone veneer panels are alike.

We feature natural stone veneer siding in hundreds of colours, materials and designs from premiere manufacturers like Norstone and Tier. Whether you're looking for a rich ochre rock panel backwash for your kitchen or a strong white quartz wall to accentuate your hypermodern business space, check out our Gallery <link to Gallery> to find the right rock panel for you.
You can also visit our applications page <link to Applications Page> for more ideas of how to integrate natural stone veneer into your home or office.


Light-weight and dynamic in color, ochre natural stone veneer panels reflect light well, giving a cozy interior space a sense of warmth.

White Quartz

Classical and elegant, white quartz stone rock panels can give a business space a strong sense of sophistication while also working well in darker spaces within the home due to its strong ability to reflect light.


Our charcoal natural rock panels from Norstone come in either gray or ebony and are sized to fit any space you need. With a distinctive smoothness and colour exclusive to treated volcanic rock, basalt natural stone veneer siding is a popular option for modern exteriors.

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