Natural Stone Veneer for Any Occassion

Natural Stone Veneer for Any Occasion

One of the great strengths of stacked stone veneer decorating is its versatility. Almost any space, whether home or office, interior or exterior, can be enhanced with the addition of natural stone veneer siding.

Find some examples below, but remember to visit our showroom to see what our natural stone veneer panels look and feel like in person!

Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stone Veneer Fireplace

For centuries, the hearth was the centre of the home. Give your house, or even apartment, a taste of that warmth and comfort with addition of an electric stone veneer fireplace that you and your loved ones can curl up by. A stone veneer fireplace can also be a great option for giving a waiting room or boardroom a sense of sophistication without being intimidating.


Kitchen Backwash

Using stacked stone veneer as a backwash for your kitchen can give the room a texture and colouring tiles simply can't match. Whether you want to give the whole space a rustic, cabin-like feel, or just want to highlight a particular section, Stax Stone can find the right natural stone veneer panels for you.


Swimming Pool Lining

Give the walls of your swimming pool the decadence of a Roman bath with stacked stone veneer siding. Perfect for a larger pool with an adjoining hot tub or infinity pool, natural stone offers a grandiosity that will make swimmers feel like emperors. Also, bear in mind that our natural stone veneers won't degrade from contact with water - some even benefit from it!

Whatever the Application, We'll Help You Find the Perfect Stacked Stone Veneer for Your Space!


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