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Rock Panels

Stacked Stone Veneer Wall Panels

Streamline the installation of any natural stacked stone wall or project using our innovative stone veneer panels. Bring your project to a whole new level.


The Rock Panel Collection

Pro Results with an Easy Installation.

If you seek the appealing, three-dimensional look of stacked stone, look no further than Norstone Rock Panels, a natural stone veneer cladding system that is ideal for exterior feature walls, pool surrounds, courtyards, retaining walls, and entertainment areas. Equally well suited for interior use, these stacked stone panels are also perfect for a natural stone fireplace or the creation of a water feature, especially when illuminated to highlight the color variations. And as they come in modular form, this stacked stone tile product is quick and easy to install on most structurally sound surfaces. Transforming any space with a stone veneer feature wall is now as easy as setting tile.

Four Brilliant Colors. Norstone's Legendary Stone Panel Design.

Rock Panels are available in a selection of textures and four primary colors: the rustic, rugged appeal of Ochre Blend; the cool, subdued tones of Charcoal; the warm, mellow hues of Ivory Quartz; and the sleek, contemporary styling of White Quartz. Handmade from select pieces of cut natural quartz or sedimentary rock, each natural stacked stone veneer panel is 100% unique in color and design. Our stone panels are designed by a licensed professional designer with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing product, not just simply gluing loose stones together into a panel. Most importantly, these products are real stone veneer panels, meaning you compromise nothing in terms of the authenticity, texture, and durability of natural stone.

Staxstone's Advanced Corner System

Corners are extremely important in any stone veneer project, which is why Norstone prides itself on its innovation of the only two-part, finger-jointed corner system in the world. The inter-woven fingers deliver the most seamless look possible while our two-piece system upholds our promise of a hassle-free installation. One section is longer than the other to allow an offset pattern to continue around the corner along the adjacent walls. Because they require little skill and time on the part of the contractors fixing our natural rock panels to a wall, they significantly reduce onsite labor costs, especially when compared to the time and skill involved in cutting and forming mitered corners on a stone veneer installation. Our corner system ensures that all sides of your stacked stone veneer installation look amazing.


Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Rock Panel Ochre Sample


Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Rock Panel Charcoal Sample


Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Rock Panel Ivory Quartz Sample

White Quartz

Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Rock Panel White Quartz Sample

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