Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Feature Wall

Staxstone Creates Feature Walls with Impact

Rock Panels are a great choice for any interior stone veneer project where a unique and fresh look is desired. We work on projects ranging from entryways to alcoves, stairwells, accent and feature walls, powder rooms, fireplaces and many more. Essentially where any interior stacked stone wall is desired, Staxstone is a natural fit. It actually never ceases to amaze the team at Staxstone the different ways our customers dream up to use our products for just about any indoor stone veneer projects. And as building products continue to get more and more advanced, we are seeing a rise in DIY construction using our stone wall panels because of how easy they are to install.

Starting Out Right

The most important consideration for an interior stone veneer project is making sure the wall itself is suitable for installation. Stacked Stone Rock Panels weigh about 12.5 lbs / sq ft, which is pretty light when you think about the end product, but still, most drywall or sheetrock wall substrates just aren't unsuitable for an interior rock wall installation. This isn't because they aren't strong enough, it's because drywall is essentially gypsum and paper - and when you think about it that way, it's not something on which you'd naturally want to apply natural stone. That said, this is easily remedied by installing cement board over the existing wallboard and then you can begin installing the interior stone veneer over the freshly prepared substrate. Stone veneer interior walls have never been this easy. In the past, they would require all sorts of special treatments and about a month on a mason's calendar. For more details on how to install stone veneer panels on interior walls check out our installation instructions.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace Before

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Feature Wall

Finishing Touches are Key

A number of options are available for adding extra design elements to an interior stone veneer wall panels. One of the most popular is lighting, which can be projected either upward, downward, or designed to back light the stone, and controlled for brightness and color. Art pieces can also be incorporated into an interior stacked stone project, using a diamond-tipped masonry drill bit to drill through the stone to set the anchor points.

Other items you might want

If an interior stacked stone wall is something that your project can't be without, Contact a friendly Staxstone expert who can discuss more of your project's details and explain how Norstone Rock Panels can be used.
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Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Feature Wall

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