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The best place to look for natural stone veneer ideas for your upcoming products is in these galleries! Why settle for faux or cultured stone veneer when you can have the real thing. From a complex outdoor kitchen to a simple tile backsplash, you are sure to find lots of great ideas for future stone projects. Real stone veneers are simple to install and unrivaled in appearance, you can make any space your own with the wide variety of textures and colors available through our diverse lines of veneer stone.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Fireplaces

Whether you're renovating an old brick fireplace or building one anew, our world-class customer service team will walk you through the right process for you. Whether you are doing an outdoor fireplace or one inside our real stone veneers will certainly spruce it up. Natural stone panels bring a quick easy installation and offer a truly unique appearance to any surface.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Interiors

Rock Panels are a great choice for any interior stone veneer project where a unique and fresh look is desired. Our stone veneer panels are perfect for any interior project.


Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Feature Walls
Feature Walls

There is no greater sign of luxury in a home than a true, natural stone feature wall. We have a wide variety of different stone siding that are perfect for any feature wall.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Kitchens

Consider using a product like Staxstone Rock Panels to create a stacked stone veneerfeature wall in your kitchen that will be unique and durable.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Pools

Staxstone real stone veneer can be installed in wet environments without fading, cracking, or unnatural weathering. It is the perfect stone cladding to apply around water and wetscapes.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Showers

Using Staxstone Rock Panels to create a natural stone shower wall is an excellent option for homeowners seeking to design natural stone into their private bathroom renovations. Our Lynia line is a perfect wall tile for any shower.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Exteriors

Rock Panels originated as a landscaping product, and while architects and designers have found lots of other ways to use the product, its origins shine through when used as an exterior stacked stone. Bring some extra curb appeal to your exteriors by siding with a beautiful natural stone. Cover up that old stucco, vinyl siding, or brick and bring a brand new distinguished look to your home.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Backsplashes

More thought goes into the countertop, cabinets, appliances, and layout of a kitchen, but one detail that anyone building or remodeling a kitchen shouldn't overlook is the backsplash. We have such an extensive line of colors, it will be easy to match or offset any choice of countertops and cabinets.

Staxstone - Stone Veneer - Gallery - Exteriors

Here at Staxstone we value our customer's visions for their projects and love seeing the finished result! A lot of work goes into planning and completing your vision and we would love to share your pictures with the world. 

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