Natural Stone Veneer FAQs

Q: Where can I buy Norstone products in Canada?
Q: Why natural stone?
Q: Why NORSTONE and how do they compare to others?
Q: What holds NORSTONE rock panels together?
Q: Will the color of the stone fade?
Q: Can rock panels be used in wet areas?
Q: Do NORSTONE rock panels stain?
Q: Are rock panels affected by cold weather?
Q: Are rock panels affected by heat?
Q: How are rock panels laid?
Q: How are rock panels cut?
Q: Do rock panels need sealing?
Q: How much do natural stone products cost?
Q: How does the cost of Rock Panels compare to a typical stacked stone veneer wall?
Q: How does the cost of Rock Panels compare to imitation stone panels or tiles?
Q: What is the lead time for Staxstone products?
Q: How do I calculate the quantity I need?
Q: How are stone veneer products laid?
Q: What adhesive is recommended for natural stone panels?
Q: Are your products easy to install?
Q: Do your products require mechanical fixing?
Q: What is the difference between Rock Panels and XL Rock Panels?
Q: How much do Rock Panels weigh?
Q: Is each Rock Panel different?
Q: Why are Norstone Rock Panels superior to imitation or faux stone panels?
Q: Are Rock Panels held together with a mesh backing?
Q: Can Rock Panels be used on both interior and exterior applications?

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