Aksent 3D Panels

With lines so clean, precision so exact, our Aksent 3D Modern Wall Tile delivers a next-level contemporary look that is NOT to be missed. Get your samples today!


The Aksent 3D Panel Collection

Modern Tile, Crafted By Hand.

Comprised of precision-cut blocks of natural stone, our new interlocking modern tiles are hand-assembled with absolute & exacting standards. The result is a thin stone veneer so refined - so perfectly linear - that a completed installation will leave you with a new feeling of modernity and class. These modern wall tiles are perfect for contemporary commercial and residential facades, retaining walls, broad feature walls, and tall stone fireplaces. Aksent 3D Panels are available across the range of primary design colors including White, Beige, Grey, and Ebony.

Interlocking Ends Ensure a Seamless Installation. Every Time.

Aksent Modern Tiles offer a "stepped" interlocking edge profile whereby one panel will interlock tightly into its neighboring panel. This system eliminates vertical seams, providing a clean, seamless look across your wall while still leveraging the easy to install nature of a panel system.

One Corner System to Rule Them All.

Aksent 3D Tiles incorporate Norstone's World-Class two-part, finger-jointed corner system. Saving every project the head-ache of having to miter their corners, this two-piece system offers a hassle free, interlocking installation, providing a look so seamless that it preserves the authentic nature of the stone. Because they require little skill on the part of the contractors fixing our rock panels to a wall, they significantly reduce installation time and onsite labor costs, especially when compared to the time and skill involved in cutting and forming mitered corners.

Ebony Basalt

White Marble

Grey Basalt

Beige Marble

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