Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Water Feature

100% Natural Stone, 100% Natural Beauty

Staxstone Rock Panels can be installed in wet environments without fading, cracking, or unnatural weathering. Being 100% natural stone, Staxstone veneers were made outside and have been subjected to wet environments throughout their makeup. If you're looking for a high-quality pool stone for your next project, Staxstone Stone Veneers products should be on your short list.

Dimension matters

When choosing a ledge stone veneer for your pool's risers and spill-ways, consider the fundamental dimensionality to the face of the product. Staxstone Rock Panels and XL Rock Panels provide real dimension with world-class design. A stacked stone pool wall using Staxstone products will give your project that extra bit of polish that will make your neighbors envious.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Water Feature

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Ochre Corner

Stone That Lasts

A pool stone wall is subjected to a harsh mix of moisture, chemicals, and sun meaning the products you pick need to be up to the challenge of this tough environment. Staxstone products can be submerged because they are 100% natural stone. It's one of the most durable building products of all time. Chlorine? Salt Water? Go for it. Norstone is made from ultra-dense quartz, basalt, or quartzitic sedimentary rock, which means it stands up to any condition you want to put it through.

Create Style With Stone

Staxstone is the stylish gem in any outdoor living area. A stone veneer waterfall will become the center of attention in a pool setting or some stacked stone knee walls will help outline and define space to aid in creating an outdoor living room to get outside and enjoy. Whether it's the authentic earth-toned Ochre Blend or the cool toned Charcoal, either Rock Panel can turn your pool, planters and landscaping walls into awe-inspiring features and focal points.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Pool Feature Wall

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Rock Panel Colors

Practical Considerations

Pools are moisture rich environments, which means they need special care when installing. Staxstone can directly adhere to any pool wall, but we recommend using a waterproofing membrane, such as the Laticrete Hydroban product. Waterproofing your substrate can decrease the chance of efflorescence damaging your Staxstone. We also recommend the use of a good quality penetrating sealer. Many exist in the market, but not all are equal. 

Other items you might want

If you are in the process of designing or renovating a pool and want to talk specifics about how Staxstone can work in your applicaiton, Contact one of our team members today.
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Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Rock Panel Pool Feature Wall

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