Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Line Up

Stone Planc

Architecturally inspired large format loose stone veneer designed to elevate your project to the next level of modern design. Bring your project to a new level.


The PLANC Collection

Large Format Veneer with a Streamlined Appearance.

Planc is Norstone's first large format loose stone veneer, opening up the design possibilities for our clients like never before. It is the long widths of each of our individual strips, measuring approximately 31.5" in length, that make this product equally adept for monumental sized commercial projects all the way down to the everyday fireplace, kitchen backsplash, or feature wall. The wider, longer format of this series allows the stone's inherent qualities to express themselves fully - from sprawling ancient mineral formations to subtle tonal variations, this new larger format system showcases natural stone at its finest. Suitable for modern and traditionally inspired design schemes alike, in both the commercial and residential segments.

The Art of Linear Wall Cladding.

Packaged three strips per set, with the heights of the two smaller strips, 2.4" and 3.1" adding up to the height of the largest strip, 5.5", the product can be laid in a variety of patterns including staggered, symmetrical, asymmetrical, or simply, however, catches your eye. Leveraging almost a decade and a half of experience in creating the highest quality stone veneer panels on the market, we've designed and manufactured Planc to be a highly calibrated system best set in a dry fit marble style installation without grout joints over flat vertical surfaces.

Cool, Striking Colors for truly Modern Design.

Nothing is more popular in current design than the grey color range, where the Planc series squarely resides. Whether a project calls for the consistency of the Ash Grey Basalt, the all-natural markings and unique stone textures of the Platinum and Graphite Lavastone, or wants to push the color edge with the light and bright Silver Grey Quartz or dark and mysterious Ebony Basalt, a Planc color exists for any design scheme. The natural beauty of Planc and the modern flat texture is ideal for interior and exterior applications alike. Norstone Planc products are suitable for wet and freeze/thaw applications as well.


The unique rectangle-shaped thin stone veneer provides a modern yet instantly recognizable natural stone appearance. With Planc, you can easily add a modern touch to your existing fireplace, as well as your showers and backsplashes. With a thickness of under an inch, it is lightweight and easy to install in almost any application. There isn't anything quite like it on the market!
Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Panels
31.5" Wide x 11" Tall
0.8" Consistent Thickness
1 Planc Set = 2.4 square feet - 30 lbs
3 Strips per Planc Set - 30 lbs
Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Corner
Outside Corner Example
Approx. 12" x 19.5" Returns
11" Tall in total, comprised of 3 strips of varying heights
1 Planc Set = Approx 2.4 square feet
3 Strips per Planc Set - 30 lbs
*Note: Corners are cut on site

Sold by the Set. Each set consists of 3 strips. Each crate contains 63 sets, or 151.2sf.

Ebony Basalt

Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Ebony Basalt Sample

Graphite Lavastone

Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Graphite Lavastone Sample

Grey Basalt

Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Grey Basalt Sample

Platinum Lavastone

Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Platinum Lavastone Sample

Silver Grey Quartz

Staxstone - Norstone Natural Stone Veneer - Planc Silver Grey Quartz Sample

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