Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Bathroom Feature Wall

Bringing the Spa Home

Using Staxstone Rock Panels to create a natural stone shower wall is an excellent option for homeowners seeking to design natural stone into their private bathroom renovations. Natural stone has long been a favorite finish of commercial spas for its rugged aesthetic, durability, and sound dampening qualities, which can now be incorporated into a stone veneer shower wall straight out of a magazine.

Making It Possible

Creating a natural stone shower wall from a dry stacked thin veneer product like Staxstone Rock Panels was impossible just a few years ago, but thanks to advancements in waterproofing technology, you can now achieve a fully waterproofed substrate to which any natural stone or tile can be installed over using a thinset bed method. This waterproofing layer prevents water intrusion into the cement board substrate and wall cavity and directs the water, with gravity's help, to the shower pan and drain. Never before has It been easier to have stacked stone in shower applications and since Staxstone panels are 100% natural stone, you also have a superior and more durable product than any other faux stone shower panels on the market.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - White Quartz Rock Panel

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Bathroom Feature Wall

Practical Considerations

Stone veneer used in a shower should be sealed upon completion of the installation with a quality water based natural stone sealer and resealed at regular intervals per the sealer manufacturer's recommendations. When necessary, the stone is best cleaned using detergent based soaps and a stiff plastic bristle brush. An exhaust fan is helpful to evacuate the moist air out of the shower stall during and after each use, helping keep the stone veneer shower wall clean.

Beyond the Ordinary

Staxstone Rock Panels, when used as stone shower wall panels, will instantly become the centerpiece of the bathroom. A natural stone shower or bath has been a symbol of prestige for centuries and surpasses any ordinary ceramic or porcelain tile alternative that you'll typically see on showers. So if you're looking to make a statement in your bath design, a stacked stone shower is a great choice that will stand the test of time from both a design and durability standpoint.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Bathroom Feature Wall

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Feature Wall

Rock Shower Walls Made Easy

Creating stacked stone shower walls has never been easier than with Norstone's Rock Panel System. Leveraging the panel concept that makes any Staxstone panel installation much faster and easier than the traditional method of hand stacking stone, a tile setter will leverage their normal installation techniques and create amazing stone showers in about the same time it would take to lay and grout a standard ceramic or porcelain tile.

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Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Bathroom Feature Wall

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