Limited Time Liquidation Sale *Pricing As Low As $4/sqft*

To kick off the year and clear some old inventory we have decided to do a one-time liquidation sale! See amazing prices and one-time deals on all of our existing Tier inventory. Pricing as low as $4/sqft depending on quantity purchased. Please keep in mind this is a first come first served sale and no additional orders outside our current Tier inventory will receive this limited quantity special, all sales are final.

Lines Included In This Sale:

Wallmats Buff Sandstone

Wallmats Black Limestone

Wallmats Mixed Dark Granite

Wallmats Cream Limestone

Contemporary Charcoal

Contemporary Ivory

Contemporary Ochre

Contemporary White

RidgeStone Autumn

RidgeStone Orange

Classic Rustic Granite

Classic Quartz

Classic Slate

Classic Nordic

Classic Slate Corner Units

Classic Multicolour Corner units

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