Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Exterior

Where It All Began

Rock Panels originated as a landscaping product, and while architects and designers have found lots of other ways to use the product, its origins shine through when used as an exterior stacked stone. The quartz and quartz-based stones make the product incredibly durable and an excellent choice for an exterior wall cladding project that is sure to increase the curb appeal of your home.

It's Bigger Out Here

Exterior rock panel projects tend to be larger in size than interior projects - it's a simple fact that there are often lots more room outside than in. Our panel system allows for installers to achieve installation rates closely mirroring tile, far outpacing hand stacked loose stone, allowing for exterior stone veneer projects to be completed more quickly and cost-effectively. We also have a larger format XL Rock Panels, featuring larger individual stone sizes than the Standard Series, is an ideal fit for many exterior stone cladding projects which would benefit from a larger and therefore more consistent look over a large installation.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Exterior

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Exterior

Setting Boundaries - Pushing the Limit

Stacked stone veneer exterior walls have long served the purposes of defining boundaries - be it defining a plot of land or fortifying an impenetrable castle. Staxstone Standard and XL Series Rock Panels are an ideal product for outside stone walls because of the high volume output made possible by the panel system. Never has having an exterior stacked stone wall been easier or more affordable.

An Open Book of Possibilities

Using natural stone veneer for exterior walls should not just be limited to the exteriors of buildings or to define property lines. Garden walls, terraced retaining walls, and privacy screens are all ideal applications for exterior wall stone. Why settle for boring painted stucco, bland brick, cheap-looking cultured stone or a fence that'll need to be replaced in a few years when having a stone exterior wall is now as easy as setting tile?
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Exterior

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Exterior

Practical Considerations

Certain things like corrosive cleaning agents, excessive salt, or other chemicals that might be present in an exterior installation can potentially harm the finish of a stone cladding project. Sealing the stone with a water-based, penetrating sealer post installation is a good idea to maintain and protect the stone finish over time.

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Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Exterior

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