Rock panels meant for feature walls.

There is no greater sign of luxury in a home than a true, natural stone feature wall. Think about it when's the last time you saw such a wall in a residence? Our Rock Panels make that concept a reality, finally, Installation is a breeze. Our meticulously calibrated 100% natural stone panels install just like tile no grout required, simply stack and stagger your panels, adhering each one like tile and that's it. With an installation that simple, a stone feature wall is definitely in your future.

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Using the right kind of lighting on your feature wall stone installation will give it life. Make sure you use downward facing low-voltage light to give your installation maximum texture and dimension. Let the light wash down the stone. If you use a spot-light, you risk losing the gorgeous dimension and texture the wall was intended to provide.

Make your Norstone wall look finished

Hanging Art on a Norstone Wall is what will make your natural stone wall look finished. Using a diamond-tipped masonry drill bit, you can simply drill into your thin stone veneer. Once you've drilled the correct sized hole, you can install anchor points and mounting rods which can hold any kind of art piece or painting you'd like. Indoor stone feature walls look great with adornments that contrast with stone, such as reclaimed wood and metal.

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