Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

At the Center of Your Home is an Incredible ROI.

Fireplaces are a natural gathering place and are often not just the focal point of a room, but often the focal point of the entire home, proving a respite of warmth, conversation, and meditation from the outside world. Experts agree that renovating a tired, worn-out, and outdated fireplace has the same return on investment as updating a kitchen or bathroom, but with a much smaller price tag. Natural stone veneer panels are an excellent choice for such a renovation because they are cost-effective and incredibly easy to install. In no time you will have a brand new gas, electric, or wood burning fireplace bringing warmth and value to your home.

We've Created the World's Finest Corner Detail

Corners are one of the single most important details to choosing any stacked stone veneer for a fireplace. So we poured over every detail and concept for making the perfect corner. After carefully manufacturing and testing one iteration after another, we eventually concluded that - for a thin natural stacked stone veneer to "turn a corner" properly - it had to be crafted using "fingers" that seamlessly interlock as if they were made that way in nature. There are other ways to finish a corner, such as using trim options, but after renovating tens of thousands of fireplaces we recommend you don't settle for less than the finger joint system when it comes to this detail.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Ochre Corner

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

The Importance of Getting Color & Design Right

Whether you're envisioning a rustic, colonial, contemporary, modern, or Old World space, color and design add up to making your project look just right. Natural Stone Colors vary naturally, which is what makes it an authentic material to incorporate into projects. Our four colors, Ochre, Charcoal, White, and Ivory can be easily adapted into all color schemes and the clean lines of the product are equally well suited to all different types of design. With all the different options and colors it will be easy to match with any different mantel or accent you may choose.

Our Award-Winning Team Will Help You Build it Right

Whether you're renovating an old brick fireplace or building one anew, our world-class customer service team will walk you through the right process for you. During a fireplace renovation, you tend to encounter more obstacles than if you are building new. For example, is your existing fireplace built from brick? Is it flat drywall? Not sure what color of stone would go best with your fireplace mantel? There are different ways to handle each of these conditions.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

Hearths, Mantles & More

One of the most common questions we hear about fireplaces is what to choose for a hearth and mantel. Because contemporary design tends to be minimalist in nature, many modern gas and electric fireplaces that use Staxstone for their stone surround do not have hearths, and their mantles tend to be smooth and of a static color. Many of our rustic fireplace designs, however, opt for wooden mantles and granite hearthstones. Be sure to peruse our galleries for projects that look like yours to get a better idea of the right design for you.

Stone Veneer Fireplaces The Easy Way

Fireplace stone veneer allows you to achieve the look of a traditional stack stone fireplace without the thickness and weight of traditional full bed masonry veneer. Whether you just need a stacked stone fireplace surround or want the look to go floor to ceiling, our real stone panel system is a cost and labor-effective solution for fireplace stacked stone.
Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

A Timeless Look. An Investment in your Home.

Stacked stone fireplaces when done well offer a timeless look and are proven to hold value making it an ideal home improvement project. A natural stone fireplace is a timeless addition to any space be it modern or traditional. Staxstone Rock Panels are the choice of many top designers and installers as a premium stone for fireplace renovations and new builds.

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Wood Burning Stoves are a great way to have the heat of a fireplace without the bulk of a roaring fireplace. Another great project idea is an outdoor fireplace, bring warmth and light to your backyard patio. Staxstone looks great on these applications too. Check out the links to the right for more information or Contact Us today to discuss your project.
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Staxstone Natural Stone Veneer - Fireplace

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